Drabble rousing

Many thanks to everyone who entered!

First, I want to give the -choked on my mango kool-aid- award to junejulyautum, for the entry How I Met My Husband. The prize is a recipe for Edith’s Pilaf.


Second, the best use of the words:

Best thought: Fiyaaa

Best rune: adoraklutz

Best chartreuse: Cleopatra Comnenos

Best sun: Shannon

Best punch: EBarber

Honorable mention goes to sorceresscirce, for the “skeletal fingers of arboreal shadows.” It made me think the trollskogen trees on Öland:Image

Our two random Odin’s Murder e-book winners are Christy and Anna!

Angel and I both agreed: the winner of our little contest and rune charm necklace is Boom-Boom Jones:

Exiled to a place where burning sand is the floor and scorching sun is the ceiling, her only shelter is a dilapidated shack. She struggles to maintain her sanity.
She’s been here seven months and would kill for a sip of Chartreuse, regardless.
He said it came from the souls of monks. She thought him a flirt.
He took her to bed.
They awoke to sweet lilac drifting in through his window. Instant love. Punch-drunk, almost. He showed her the rune, and somehow, inexplicably, she’d deciphered it.
She’s not a bad person, as he claimed. She’s merely one of Them.


Winners, please email me and we will get your prizes to you!

Thank you to all who participated. I had so much fun with this; I might have to make drabbling a regular event here.

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