Undying Drabbles

I raved earlier about Cyndy Aleo’s fabulous book Undying. (Boy approves of the cover smells.)


So in celebration of October, and the release of her hard copy edition, I asked the author to help me out with another drabble contest. (Go see last month’s entries. They’re incredible.)

There will be prizes! An e-book of Undying! A real flip-the-pages book! And OMFGughpbpbght, Cyndy turned me on to these book charms by Bri. I must have ALL OF THEM.

Rules: Use these five words in a 100 word poem, story, description or technical manual:


You have until 11:01pm EST Thursday, October 10th to post in the comments. One entry per person, please. Have fun, buy lots of books (like this one), and write!

4 thoughts on “Undying Drabbles

  1. The Chocolate Pirate did, in fact, have skin that colour, semi-sweet, with walnut hands, hard dark outsides hiding pale tender palms.
    At low tide he bewitched her with caramel words and candied flames. She melted in his mouth and in his hands, offering every covenant a woman could give.
    He pillaged the sweetness from her on the high seas, and took her precious vanilla cargo, his Jolly Roger a sugar skull on a licorice black flag. She cried honey tears and he kissed them, too.
    Most ocean marauders stole gold to buy their decadence. He went straight to the source.

  2. CP2300 — Chocolate Pirate V. 2.3
    1) Congratulations on your Chocolate Pirate purchase! Treat him nicely and he will keep you company for many years.
    2) Your pirate prefers cool, dry environments. Keep him away from open flames at all costs!
    3) Your pirate likes to be entertained, and he has excellent taste in television shows. His favorite is Bewitched, but only the Dick York episodes.
    4) He doesn’t need to eat, and please don’t you eat him either.
    5) To activate your warranty, sign below to agree to the covenant and mail the card to our headquarters in Salem.

  3. “I come out once a year,” the cloaked stranger pleaded. “L-L-Limited edition. That’s my THING.”

    “Arr, but ye’ve bewitched me, ya big fangy devil, haven’t ye?” The pirate held a flame casually, dangerously near his captive’s face.

    “Please! I’ll do anything! I”ll sign the covenant.”

    “With your blood?”

    “With my blood,” he said, piercing his finger and dripping dark, rich chocolate onto parchment.
    The pirate let out a big belly laugh and dialed up the butane in his torch, burning the sugar in the prisoner’s beard into crusty crème brûlée topping. “Yer my vassal now, Count Chocula.”

    Bitter chocolate tears.

  4. “And it was the symbol of the covenant he entered with God—” The mic pops, squeals and fizzles, before the pastor picks up his sermon. She cringes and rubs her ears.

    Stomp. Tap. Stompstomp. A tiny LEGO pirate entres her field of vision along the back of the pew.

    She sends sideways glances to her mother and father before wiggling to the edge (bum dangling) her hand creeping up her lap and into the open.

    The pirate is dancing; its orange shirt a flame that has her bewitched.

    Soclosesoclose so—

    But then she remembers her mother’s promise of chocolate.

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