A small but fantastic showing of drabblers in our October round of 100 words. Thank you all for participating.246572148318050336_JCOfaQRt_c

To MonkeyPeaches, an e-book of Undying, and this fabulous picture of sugar skulls! (This is an easy recipe for making them.)

il_570xN.510291219_23bbFor EBarber, a book charm from Bri. Cyndy will be contacting you soon about the details, and many many thanks for the big fangy devil. And the bitter chocolate tears. And the crusty crème brûlée beard. Please send us a picture of your charm, when you get it; I’m dying to see one of them!

rend_5.jpg1c2d253f-c42b-43f8-b6a1-b557f2c14066LargeFor Amanda D, an e-book of Undying, and this Lego pirate guy, because his parrot is so very tempting. I am quite certain that he is wearing a flame orange shirt under his plastic green waistcoat.

adoraklutz, you are the winner of Cyndy Aleo’s book (a real live book book!) of Undying, for your hysterical instructions:

CP2300 — Chocolate Pirate V. 2.3
1) Congratulations on your Chocolate Pirate purchase! Treat him nicely and he will keep you company for many years.
2) Your pirate prefers cool, dry environments. Keep him away from open flames at all costs!
3) Your pirate likes to be entertained, and he has excellent taste in television shows. His favorite is Bewitched, but only the Dick York episodes.
4) He doesn’t need to eat, and please don’t you eat him either.
5) To activate your warranty, sign below to agree to the covenant and mail the card to our headquarters in Salem.

In total agreement with you about Dick York. Please send me an address so that I may send you your prize!

Many thanks to Cyndy Aleo for letting me use her fabulous book as an excuse to host a drabble contest!18456415

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