Super Question

Talk Supe Updated Header - 7.3.13Braine runs a fantastic book blog, and earlier this month posted a great question:

“What is the lesser of two evils: a “DNF” (Did Not Finish) or a low rating?”

My response:

As a writer, I do prefer a “DNF” over a poor review, especially if the book is not a genre the reviewer would normally enjoy, or if the plot or tension moves differently than one prefers. A “not for me” doesn’t hurt ratings for what seems like personal tastes; and I love the critic that suggests who the book might appeal to, or passes it on to another reviewer who might be more likely to finish it.

As a reader, I appreciate the warning of a low rating on a book with bad writing or grammar, or an inconsistent plot or characters, especially on a traditionally published book that I’m expected to pay more money for.

As a reviewer, I do judge self-published books on a different set of criteria than trad-pubbed. When I go to the local handmade pizza joint in the neighborhood, I don’t complain when the crust is a little lumpy, or the sauce has a stray chunk of tomato. I’m looking for a fresh unique taste and the rustic service adds to the experience. If I’m driving “uptown” to the four star restaurant, I expect the linen tablecloth and the fancy garnish. And yes, I’ve cancelled the entree and left if the appetizer was awful.

Excellent question!
Anybody else want to weigh in?

2 thoughts on “Super Question

  1. Hi! Thanks for the reply. Great point on self pun vs. trad. The latter is armed with “machinery” to trim and fatten up the book based on their standards, stats and other data (whatever that is). Self is more instinctual and raw IMO.

    P.S. I’m the one next to the stack of books, just letting you know LOL

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