A Bold Opening

bethIt was him.

Eye Of The Storm opens with this ominous observation, and Beth Bolden’s novella, the first in the FREQUENT FLYERS COLLECTION, maintains this tension throughout the whole story. Flight attendant Tess is both intimidated and attracted to the icy and aloof Captain Grant Montgomery III, and an embarrassing mishap strains their working relationship even further. When an inclement blizzard grounds their flight, and forces them together in a car chase on the leading edge of the snowstorm, Tess must act as co-pilot, and slowly, the captain begins to thaw.

Beth writes this story in the same casual narrative style as her baseball rom-com LUCKY CHARM, with Tess’s internal battle with her attraction described in quirky observations, and her gradual realization that Grant is not as cold as she first perceived.

What I enjoyed most is the depth of the characters, and the way we slowly learn not just who they are, but why and how their very different upbringings decided their choices and paths in life. And, oh yeah, that scene with the towel, and that one droplet of water that falls from the lock of his hair….

FREQUENT FLYERS hits amazon.com November 1st, and check out Beth’s FB page! Also, if you’re a book blogger, she’s about to reveal the second in her Portland Pioneers series- sign up to get involved here.

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