Angel Flight

forcedForced Landing, the second story in the FREQUENT FLYERS COLLECTION, is a paranormal romance adventure by Angel Lawson.

This novelette opens with Nadya, a young woman who helps her father run a small private airport in Illinois, wondering about the enigmatic and surly Liam Caldwell. She craves a bit mystery of her own, trying to find her place in her dead mother’s legacy, taking on the trappings and clothing of a witch, though she’s better at sniffing out when Pop is avoiding the truth than predicting the future. Nadia spends her days trying to cure her boredom by reading the horoscope and stalking Liam, but when he is injured during a rough landing forced by a storm, her life suddenly becomes more complicated.

I won’t reveal more, because half the fun of this story is watching the secrets unfold. I also love the shifts to Liam’s point of view (I’m a sucker for dual PoV romance) and the way we discover another side to the story from his darker perspective. My favorite line in the story comes from his voice: Careful wasn’t something in my vocabulary, but fire? I liked it very much.

The FREQUENT FLYERS COLLECTION goes live on November 1st.

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