Alternate Planes

unschedT.M. Franklin’s novella Unscheduled Departure, third in the FREQUENT FLYERS COLLECTION, is a marvelous story that slides into magic realism (my favorite literary genre) when Ro, heartbroken that her boyfriend Finn must move across the country, debates a last minute text after he’s boarded his plane: Please don’t go.

Finn doesn’t, and he and Rowan pick up where they left off with college, but… something is weird. Ro’s phone is receiving odd messages, and Finn’s shirt is the wrong color. In fact, quite a few things about her boyfriend seem strange, and she begins to wonder if somehow, her desperation brought back the wrong man.

I adore this story; it’s part romance, part modern fairytale, and the writing is lovely. Finn is a sweetheart, and the interaction between our couple is just so cute I want to squeeze them both like a flotation device seat cushion, and then go drink wine with Lindsay, Ro’s amateur psychic best friend. She reads auras and may have some answers to this mystery.

T.M. Franklin is the author of the YA paranormal MORE series (the third in the trilogy, TWELVE, drops today) and the teen romance HOW TO GET AINSLEY BISHOP TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU. The FREQUENT FLYERS COLLECTION, six romantic stories that all begin at an airport, will be available from on November 1st.

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