To the Moon and Back

bev's bookIn FREQUENT FLYERS’s fifth story, Bev Elle‘s charming and funny novella Fly Me to the Moon, Jessamy Taylor is the only ticket agent who can handle “Weird Griffin”, an eccentric passenger with a penchant for whistling Frank Sinatra, corduroy pants, and hand sanitizer.

Jessamy has quirks of her own, and knows there is more to Dr. Griffin Sanderson than meets the eye; he’s her neighbor, and she even dated him several years ago. But their common interests and the hard body under his Star Wars tee-shirts couldn’t overcome his idiosyncrasies, and she left him when he wouldn’t get help for the problems that were pulling them apart. He still passes through her check-in line every week, though, and lately, she’s noticing a few changes, like the switch from the Clark Kent glasses to contacts, and that lingering look back at her, before he disappears toward his gate. But has he changed enough? And is she too set in her own ways to give him another chance?

I love Jessamy. She’s smart and sweet and peculiar enough to be a good match for our good doctor (who, as it turns out, has a touch of Mr. Darcy behind his Big Bang Theory fashion sense), and her mother will have you in stitches.

Bev Elle is the author of OBSIDIAN FAITH, available December 4th.
FREQUENT FLYERS hits on November 1st. Check out our article in USA Today!

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