More than Friendly

10409337_1463752397218603_4738045100179922348_nThe FREQUENT FLYERS collection ends with a bang, or at least a volcanic eruption. In Amanda Weaver‘s absolutely delicious The Friendly Skies, a flight to Mexico is rerouted back home due to a natural disaster.

Cassie, an overworked, overstressed, corporate travel director, is stuck on a plane, and her seatmate is a drooling drunk with no intentions of ending his bachelor party bender. Across the aisle, Tall-Blond-and-British gallantly invites her to the empty seat next to him. They enjoy a drink, and some conversation, but Cassie is all too familiar with the womanizing men in Business Class, and doesn’t trust Simon’s pretty eyes or his witty banter. However, enough champagne and soon she’s forgetting her own rules.

The dialogue in this novella is fantastic. Our hero has a passion for food and, quite obviously, for Cassie. His flirtatious one-liners are just yummy. My favorite bit:

“I can assure you, Mitchell and I were never involved.”
His unexpected deadpan delivery made her burst out laughing. “You’re not his type. Although…” She cocked her head and considered him. “He always did have a thing for blondes.”
Simon’s eyes skated over her hair, long, straight and dark brown. “He had no taste.”

Amanda Weaver is the author of the contemporary romance ALWAYS.

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