Come Play!

redsofaMy life has taken a new marvelous turn: I’ve signed with Laura Zats of Red Sofa Literary! I’ll be able to share more news soon. I’m a little overwhelmed and horribly excited, but I want to celebrate. And a few weeks ago, a friend over on Ravelry nudged me about the drabble contests I used to do, so without further rambling, let’s play with words!
(There will be a prize. A Book. A $5 amazon card. Candy!)

Take these 5 words, and make something fun using all of them, in 100 words or less:



Post in the comments by noon on Monday, east coast time, and tell a friend to come play, too!

10 thoughts on “Come Play!

  1. Sometimes Ebony wished she had a feinting couch, where she could spar with words, and always win the argument, reclining against the cushions drinking victorious glasses of red wine. But her sofa was disappointingly practical, with a floral pattern in enough colors that the faint stains (Kool-Aid, crayons and the neon cheese powder of nacho chips) that were proof of lost skirmishes, could be seen only if one looked closely. Better battles would be fought over more important things than furniture, and wine could be drunk anywhere.

  2. Hunter was on the sofa. The room was too silent. Her companion’s glasses rested on the red velvet, carelessly tossed or abandoned. She felt a faint sense of danger as her ebony claws curled into the wood. Then, she launched with a shriek to summon the other familiars.

  3. Becky sat on the sofa, irritated. When Frederica arrived, red glasses stuck into her orange hair, she was carrying a giant latte. This sent Becky over the edge.
    “What time was our appointment?” she asked quietly. She was outside her body, observing.
    “Oh, am I late?” said Frederica.
    “Yes. I’ve been waiting.”
    “Sorry, I wanted to get a sample of ebony flooring. I knew you’d love—“
    “We’re done here,” whispered Becky. Her head floated up to the ceiling. She felt faint.
    “What?” Frederica said.
    Becky’s head snapped back to her body, and her voice returned. “WE. ARE. DONE. HERE.”

  4. The pirate ship had an ebony wheel and scarlet sails. The captain carried two spy glasses in her belt, one for distance, and one for show. The smaller one was a delicate thing, scrimshaw and gold, and could be set on long rifle.
    “Your orders, captain?” the Cabin Boy asked, a faint blush on his cheek. The captain had won him in a card game, aces and red jacks. She’d cheated; she liked pretty things.
    “Wait for me in my quarters,” she told him. “On the sofa. Boots and nothing else.”

  5. She closes the door behind him and moves to the sofa, touching the smooth fabric, still warm where they…

    On the table, the wine bottle sits unopened, the glasses unused, forgotten when he…

    She tries to ignore the hollow feeling, a stark contrast to how full up she felt when he…

    She rises, begins to ready herself for bed. In the full length mirror, she notes the faint, red scratches made by eleven o’clock shadow when he…

    Turning out the light, she slips between the sheets where he never sleeps, blinks away the ebony shadows, and wonders when next they’ll…

  6. White sofas are not for the faint of heart, especially when your period decides to spring forth from your body like a geyser, leaving a red poppy bloom on pristine cushions. Luckily, your crotchety great aunt, whose new sofa you’ve just bled upon, wears thick Coke-bottle glasses, which you’ve handily “misplaced” inside her ebony cigarette case on the coffee table. You will not be invited back once the stain is discovered, but you’ve already walked out with your dead mother’s locket clasped in your hand, the locket you conveniently found inside the cigarette case when you were stashing the glasses.

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