Drabble winners!

121CaptainBK-Mens-Deluxe-Black-Pirate-Boots-largeThe amazing Amanda Weaver (have you read ALWAYS?) was kind enough to judge the drabbles for me this time-

River Songbird, your piratey prose was her first pick! Please email me your address and I will send you 2 books- ODIN’S MURDER signed by myself and Angel Lawson, and THE SCENT OF FLAMES. And candy. (If you have these already, let me know, and we will talk. Candy is non-negotiable.)

just_bec, you were Amanda’s second place drabbler. Please email me so I may send you a $5 amazon.com gift card!

amandaKeep an eye out for news from Amanda Weaver. Her novel THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, a New Adult contemporary from Entangled Embrace, comes out September 29th. I’m so excited about this–she and I were part of the Frequent Flyer collection; her short story, The Friendly Skies, is also part of her new book SKY HIGH.

Thanks everyone for playing, and for spreading the word. I’m thinking this should be a monthly thing; all the entries were so good.

Winners, email me at kiraagold@gmail.com, or DM me on twitter: @kiraagold

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