Lovely DIRTY reviews:

Several amazing blogs and online publications have said some fantastic things about THE DIRTY SECRET:

Publishers Weekly gave me a starred review!
Interior design has never been so sexy as it is here, when a workaholic architect teams up with a free-spirited yet secretive scenic artist to create a perfect model house in Burlington, Vt. Killian Fitzroy is determined to prove himself to the prestigious company that he works for; Vessa Ratham needs the experience and the credit in order to further her artistic dreams. What starts as a professional partnership swiftly ignites into an erotic bonfire of the senses, with each completed room providing further fuel for the pair’s passionate, increasingly intimate trysts. However, Vessa is reluctant to open up regarding her past or true feelings, while Killian isn’t entirely sure what to make of the “sex-witch art fairy” who’s captured his heart and rekindled his personal life. Gold (The Scent of Flames) packs this story with a wealth of sensory detail, perfectly complementing the emotional and sexual development between the leads, creating a thoroughly satisfying tale. Agent: Laura Zats, Red Sofa Literary. (Mar.)

The Romance Review
The Romance Review
made THE DIRTY SECRET a Top Pick, and said:
Listen up folks, you MUST read this phenomenal book the moment you can get your filthy little hands on it. I’m not sure how she did it, but Ms. Gold has created something seriously magical here and left me panting for more.
See the whole review here.

Joyous Reads wrote:
This is one for the ages, folks. I don’t usually give out five stars that easily, but I felt like this book deserved it. There are so many reasons and, or criteria as to why a book warrants a high rating. But for me, I simply go by how much enjoyment I derived from it. And this book is pure fun.
Read more here.

My Tiny Obsessions (check out the Movie of the Week reviews-they crack me up) said:
About the characters, oh my, I ship Vessa and Killian so hard!!!! They both deserved better than what life gave them, for sure, and I liked to see how their relationship developed slowly but surely, and I liked that it wasn’t just about the sex… oh no, they were so honest with each other, and they shared so much, it was heart-warming.
See more here.

My Goodreads page also has some fun and marvelous reviews. I’m blown away by the response to this crazy story!

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