Dirty, dirty Klimt

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In chapter 5–Vine Dining–of THE DIRTY SECRET, Vessa and Killian discuss their favorite artists while finishing up the decor in the dining room. She brings up Gustav Klimt:

Klimt - The Kiss

“It’s such a cliché,” she said. “Every freshman art student falls in love with The Kiss, or Judith, or Water Serpents.”

“Why is that?”

“Because it’s usually the first exposure of eroticism as a fine art form. His drawings are pure foreplay, like it’s obvious by the model’s pose that she’s waiting for him to finish drawing her so that they can fuck. Lots of women masturbating.”

“Nice,” he said, trying to be casual. Did she do that? Fuck, he hoped so. He wondered what her face looked like when she came. He set the nails into the board tacked in place by the glue.

Gustav Klimt 036

“Girls discover him right at the age when they’re figuring out how to do it properly themselves, and that it’s okay and not weird or bad. And everything he did was all so gorgeous and self-indulgent and sexy. Even his landscapes—you know there are two people fucking in that poppy field somewhere—and his portraits—the woman with knowing eyes, even the girl in the innocent white dress, standing with her legs too wide.”

Like you, Killian didn’t say. Like this rug I want to lay you down onto, like that bed I want to take you across from behind, like— He pounded more nails.

Gustav Klimt was a symbolist painter and founder of the Vienna Secession, a part of the Art Nouveau movement that swept the world at the end of the nineteenth century.
The Secessionist’s motto was: To every age its art. To every art its freedom. A lovely phrase.
Klimt may have been a bit too public with his freedom–his work was criticized for being pornographic. He was flagrantly sexual, and his models were often intimidated by his masculinity, but women flocked to his studio to be painted in the sumptuous costumes he designed.
Some did more than just sit. Many sketches were explicit contour drawings of women having some self-induced intimacy.

I adore the lushness of Klimt’s work, and he was the perfect inspiration when writing THE DIRTY SECRET. Both Killian and Vessa are artists who aren’t afraid to be decadent with their creativity or their desire.

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