Familiar Stories

wrath and twiI loved THE WRATH & THE DAWN–gorgeously written, lush setting, so so so much sexual tension–up until the tortured hero tells the heroine he doesn’t sleep.

I love a retelling. Familiar stories, archetype structures spun out with new depth and detail–I write them myself. And 1001 Arabian Nights is one of my favorites. This one is done as prettily as it gets, but I’ve read it before.

The unwilling killer, a self-named “monster.” The heroine with latent abilities. The physical shock when they first touch. The sassy pushy girl who dresses the heroine, in love with the hero’s best friend. The first date with an attack by a gang. The love triangle with the impetuous boyhood friend. Even the hidden cache of writing in his room.
That culmination tempered with “I’m afraid if I start, I won’t stop.”
And he doesn’t sleep.

I recommend this to anyone who enjoyed TWILIGHT.

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