Reader seeks Audibles

41MPL2YEqzL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_In my ever-quest to get fit–no body self shaming here, I’m big-big boned Scandi gal with a Viking ass, but I’ve got bad knees and the more weight I lose the better they feel–I’ve started walking again.
I subscribed to Audible, so that I could conquer my Goodreads challenge of a book a week, and hopefully get excited about trudging through my neighborhood while avoiding all the goose poo on the sidewalk.

My first narrated book might have been the wrong choice. NEANDERTHAL SEEKS HUMAN was cute, and there were things I loved, like the knitting group that drinks wine more than they cast on. Janey and Quinn are frustrating and oblivious to their obvious affections, which is a theme I enjoy, but the narration really grated on me.
I think this book was written to be a tongue-in-cheek contemporary romance, with a sarcastic stream of consciousness PoV. I might have enjoyed reading it, but the inner snarkiness was lost in the sweet-voiced vocal translation, especially with no variance with the repetition. (The blinking. So much blinking. And I began to count how many times the phrase SirMcHotPants was used during my lap around the block.) I also wish the narrator had not tried so hard with the accents–after living in both Appalachia and New England–I was wincing at the Boston and the Tennessee affectations.

I’ll recommend this book (the e-book or the hardcopy) to my college-aged daughter and her friends.

Maybe I just need to get used to narrated stories. Anybody got any suggestions for Audible books?

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