Get A Room

get a room edgesScentbird asked me for some write ups. This one was an extra in the samples they sent.

Get A Room glitters on the skin like cheekbone highlighter, and opens that bright, a juicy twist of citrus that immediately turns sweet and creamy and seductive, a kiss of lemon custard shared with a lover.

It soon brightens to fresh iced tea with sugar, a few inches off the skin, and stays there, dreamy and light, with a pinch of mysterious herbs and a flirt of vanilla all night long.

I want to spray my pillowcases with it.


tomato edgierTomato by Demeter is every urban gardening hipster chick sunbathing topless on the roof. Stray honeysuckle and dandelion weeds are overtaken by crushed tomato leaves and the great red globes ripening on the vine. A smudge of pollution and sweat and dirt sticks to the skin, but doesn’t stop the invasive Organic Goddess green.
I’d worship her in the summer.

Forget what you think about “cheap” perfumes and buy the big bottle–it makes a wonderful room spray, too.

Willie Nelson and Cyndi Lauper singing a Gershwin duet is my favorite thing today.