Xeryus Rouge

xeryusIn the summer it’s eye-watering: all the hot sauces at the taqueria–tabasco, nopales salsa verde, pico jalapeƱo–uncorked and spilled over the table.

In the winter it cools down, becomes herbal, sweet bell peppers with a touch of rose on a base of cedar and metallic musk, but it’s no less potent.

Xeryus Rouge came out in in the mid nineties, along with this sweet spicy tune from Cuba.

Liberty Fizz

liberty fizz edgesLiberty Fizz could be marketed with one of those classy/trashy retro ads with the sexy half-dressed girl lounging in an enormous champagne glass–
Only instead of bubbly, she’s cavorting in a salad made with green tomatoes.
She wears a scant top of sweet herbs, flowers strung over her middle and a coy fig leaf on the bottom.
She’ll stay for a second drink, cracking jokes about Virgin Marys with extra olives, but she leaves before the third.

The fun hit came out in 1996, too.