I write odd books about strange places and awkward people. And kissing. A lot of kissing.

Carina Press 2016
2017 Romance Writers of America RITA© Finalist in Erotic Romance

She’s a decorator with a secret. He’s an architect with a filthy mouth.(Contains bare walls, nude skin and naked hearts.)


A second-chances novella first featured in the FREQUENT FLYERS Romantic Short Story Collection.

Airports. Sweden.
Young lust, old books, and strawberries.


Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy

Drama. Arson. Perfume.
Something is very rotten in the town of Hortonville, Vermont.


I write aboutSave

5 thoughts on “BOOKS

  1. At a time when I am getting very jaded with romance/erotica books – which are all seeming to sound so similar I was thoroughly absorbed in this one. It felt new and fresh and yes very sensuous

    • oooh, lady. Tears in my eyes right now. I am so incredibly happy you think so. You were the one who first believed in my writing, amateur as it was, seven years ago. I could not have gotten where I am without your encouragement, and to know that you still approve of the direction I have taken means the world to me.

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