Me in a hoodie with a Lolita Lempicka bottle bigger than my head.

Hello, and welcome!
While researching the science of scent for a novel, I became obsessed with the art of perfume–and discovered that jotting down a brief impression of a fragrance was a great writing exercise.

~ SCENTS ~ Recent sniffs.
I try to keep my nose in what’s easily available, but I love the artsy niche stuff and classic vintages too.
Decants and samples come directly from the perfumer/company or a reputable stockist. (Lately my go-to is
Most of my collection is miniature bottles–my house is small and I have a short attention span. They’re a lot of fun to photograph, too.

Disclaimer: I’m not compensated for any of these posts. They’re just my amateur opinions.

~ FAVORITES ~ a few things I love.
I like a perfume that is accessible, well-crafted with quality ingredients, and memorable in some way. (Bonus points for clever presentation!)
A price tag does not determine what smells good–I’ve found stellar scents for under $20, and sniffed real stinkers that were over $800 a bottle.

~ Index of Scents A-Z ~ I try to update this every two weeks or so.


Everyone’s experience with perfume is different–I’d love to hear about your favorite likes and dislikes.

(Anything you’d recommend I stick my nose into? Leave a comment somewhere, I love suggestions!)

Photos are mine, unless noted.
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