Me in a hoodie with messy pink hair, making three silly faces. The usual.

Hi! I’m obsessed with perfume and I love ridiculous cowboy boots and gourmet chocolate bars with weird stuff in them.
Tell me about a book you love!

I’m a bit mouthy and occasionally NSFW on Twitter .

My Instagram is mostly photos of my cats being cute.

Check out some of my shelves on Goodreads, or rec me your favorite books!

Find my books on my Author page.

I’m on Fragrantica, if you’re a scent hound too.


Kira A. Gold lives in Kentucky with her husband and a blue-point demon cat. A Shakespeare enthusiast and an ex-pat of cold places, she writes odd tales about fragrance, Vermont, Sweden and other magical settings.
She enjoys summer, chocolate and sleep, in no particular order.

THE DIRTY SECRET, a sexy romance from Carina Press, earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly and was a 2017 Romance Writers of America RITA© Finalist in Erotic Romance.

She is repped by Laura Zats of the Red Sofa Literary agency.

Me, in black and white. Photo by hubs.

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