Charm Bracelet of Woe and Keening

The cover of Odin’s Murder got some buzz. We even got a hysterical mention on Cover Snark.
When I show it to friends, I invariably get 3 questions:

When is the book out? (eta: The book ran from September 10, 2013 to March 5, 2016.)

Is it about the Aaron Hernandez case? -No. We picked the title over two years ago. The story has nothing to do with the tragic death of Odin Lloyd.

Where did the bracelet come from? -I made it. My step-daughter is the hand-model on the cover.

On occasion I make “prop jewelry” to complete a costume design, so I tried my hand at a representation of the bracelet in the book. I made two similar ones; the first went to Angel. This is the second:
I love the weirdness and the hand-craftyness of the little charms. The pewter skull came from MoonRaven designs, and the runes from Rekon, but over all, it’s a really complicated piece, and too delicate to represent our story.
So on the next I went a bit darker and more jumbled:giveaway
This one has a solid feel that I liked–the young women in this book are not wilting flowers–but the runes themselves are difficult to see. There’s also a steampunk vibe that is not our genre. So I started over, and went big:
and sabo
These have weightiness that the Viking influence has on our story, but they are huge! The half-dollar sized pendants swallowed my teen thing’s hand, and my awesome raven charm is lost in the metal behind him. Also, it weighs almost a pound.
I gave up for a while, but then last April I was in Stockholm, and I saw these sterling charms from across the entire shop. They were perfect–modern, pretty and bold–like our girls–and a good fit with some enamel crows I’d found online. And so the cover bracelet was born with the help of a needle nosed pliers:cover
The turquoise color motif works well against the skin tone, and is a great contrast with the red nail polish. AngstyG did the rest of the work.
(The bracelets on my wrists, they are a-jingling!)

One thought on “Charm Bracelet of Woe and Keening

  1. It was really nice to hear the process behind the cover design . The pink steampunky one is probably my favorite though the final version is just perfect,

    Have you ever tried using precious metal clay (PMC) to make something you couldn’t find? I have been thinking about trying it.

    What stupendous luck to find the rune charms.

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