sleepers-awake-eden-barber-paperback-cover-artEden Barber’s gorgeous story Sleepers, Awake? has some ties to Neil Gaiman’s A Game of You (which owes much to Bones of the Moon, by Jonathan Carroll) but the story itself is lovely and unique.
It’s a complicated setting, yet tragic and beautifully. Agnes grows on you, becomes you, and dares to dream and love the way you wish you could. And her best friend is the absolute best. All the people grab you as real, and the main character’s choices and her obsessions and her wolves are flawed and perfect at the same time.
Sleepers is a book that takes brains; and is not for the faint of heart or those wishing for a mindless forgettable read.

One thought on “Awakening

  1. I love that you think about this so deeply. I’ve found my work in the 1 Direction fandom and rolled with it. I can’t even find the energy to care. Personally, it seems sad to not write something original (as in taking someone’s work and then posting it as your own?) it’s so lazy. But it’s hard to fight lazy, so wutever. Good luck to them, i suppose.

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