Editorial Reviews!

filthy mind promo The Romance Review made THE DIRTY SECRET a Top Pick, and said:
Listen up folks, you MUST read this phenomenal book the moment you can get your filthy little hands on it. I’m not sure how she did it, but Ms. Gold has created something seriously magical here and left me panting for more.

Joyous Reads wrote:
This is one for the ages, folks. I don’t usually give out five stars that easily, but I felt like this book deserved it. There are so many reasons and, or criteria as to why a book warrants a high rating. But for me, I simply go by how much enjoyment I derived from it. And this book is pure fun.

From Harlequin Junkies: Each word written has meaning and paints a very beautiful picture. I was able to lose myself in this story in a matter of sentences. If you love your romances to be free of angst, but with plenty of erotic moments, definitely check out The Dirty Secret.

“If you enjoy a gorgeous setting and interesting plot with your sexytimes, check out this novel.” –PopSugar

“THE DIRTY SECRET is a steamy, sexy book with a real plot and story line.” –Fresh Fiction

“Oh my, I ship Vessa and Killian so hard!!”–My Tiny Obsessions

“How fabulous is it when a book grabs you from pretty much the very beginning?” The Book Hammock

“Oh my God. This book. The words. It was the prettiest thing I have ever read.” –Carlene Inspired

And so many more from marvelous Goodreads users!

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