A DIRTY Vermont playlist

klimt music“A summer rain shower had left the evening air thick with steam.
Lazy fireflies flicked between the trees edging the streets as he drove. He tuned the radio to the campus station with eclectic song sets, and wound through several neighborhoods, old and new.”

In chapter thirteen–Kitchen Sync–of THE DIRTY SECRET, Killian drives through Burlington to walk in on Vessa, baking. She’s listening to the same indie radio station he was just playing.

A friend asked what song they were both listening to, so of course I had to make a playlist of some cool musicians from Vermont.

“He felt drunk, post coital with the euphoria spiraling through his guts and his spine, all because a girl had made him cookies.”

THE DIRTY SECRET Vermont Playlist:

THE DIRTY SECRET is available at amazon.com and other fine ebook retailers.


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