Viva La Juicy

viva la juicy edges
Magazine peelie advertising a crested bottle with a bright pink bow.

Opens with a Jamba Juice stand, and finishes with Brach’s Milk Maid caramel bullion cubes, amber, and overpriced shoes, but it works in a ridiculously girly-girl fashion.
Doesn’t project too much and doesn’t last too long, and the bottle is chichi cute.

Girls fashion magazines have smelled like this for the past ten years–inserts fall out of every issue of Teen Vogue, YM and Seventeen–I’m guessing the box sets sell like hotcakes on the holidays.


Edit – 12/10/21

Flanker after flanker (Bowdacious is the best of them) has come out since Viva La Juicy’s debut in 2008, but the original continues to be the least objectionable of the line and the most popular.
The peelies still trickle from my mailbox with every cosmetics store flyer, and the gift sets are stacked to the ceiling at the shops, but it feels dated, now.

Prada Candy‘s caramel has stayed more fresh.


Coldplay’s Viva La Vida came out the same year–here’s a great cover.

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