Indigo Love

Kimberly New York’s frosted square bottle with silver cap, without the cute dandelion label (Bluegrass humidity makes goo of adhesive) and clementines.

Remember when you were little and would pinch the end of a honeysuckle bloom to taste that drop of ambrosia?
This stuff opens with a LOVELY squeeze of the sweetest orange, then pure flower nectar blooms a few inches off the wrist.
Doesn’t last long–I’d go fast through a bottle reapplying, especially since it feels so silky on the skin.

I did get a bottle, (happy birthday to me!) and I am definitely going through it quickly–this is my favorite self-care potion at the moment.
The bright citrus at the opening is as refreshing as any Atelier Cologne, but the sweet floral dry down is lotion soft, and so pretty and addictive.

Highly recommended.
Check out the Kimberly New York website here. I got great customer service.


Auka Dixon’s group Quartette Indigo is awesome.

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