Cream honey on a tarnished spoon, with Zoologist bottle testing strip and a decant vial filled with slightly gray eau.

Starts with honey and the Di Da Jow bruise medicine my step-dad used after his Kung-Fu sparring workouts, and ends with a dirty penny.

Edit – 3/2/23

Wow, does Zoologist do honey well. (See Bee and Hummingbird.)

Di Da Jow is a lovely sweet camphorous mash of ginseng, spices, and herbs, meant to be used as topical pain relief. When I was little, I’d sneak drops on my cuffs to sniff at all day. I’m sure my parents knew, from the smell, but they never said anything.

Between the opening and the weird sweaty bit that comes across as screechy metal, somewhere inside the floral powder, are a few moments of smoke.
That’s kind of demented, honestly.


Olivia Newton-John died yesterday. (Breast cancer sucks.)
She was amazing.

Like the perfume, this song starts marvelously, and ends with some odd squeaky notes.

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