Cut crystal bottle with gold detail and filled with purple eau de parfum, and purple and yellow kaleidoscope graphic box.

3121 is a decent album, in the top third of the stack by the Great Purple One, but the fragrance is a total flop.

“Black Sweat” was an early single and a good song, a bit of a throwback to “Kiss,” but the dark sweaty notes this opens with are not kissable at all–they’re fetid body odor and lime shaving cream.
Eventually settles to grubby white flower musk, in an invasion of personal space for most of the day–a reflection of “Lolita,” perhaps–sweet, too young and weirdly dirty and desperate.
Sadly, rather than “Incense and Candles,” this finishes with sawdust funk and murky patchouli.

Download the album, skip the perfume.


Best song on 3121: