Land of Warriors

Land of Warriors edgy
Decant vial on paper test printed with Land of Warrior’s red bottle with black and white painted horses.

Leather motorcycle gear in the sun.

Animalic asphalt, and a marvelous tomato leaf–this guy goes off-road, too. A bit of sour fruit and herb-y flowers round out the long ride.

I love the way the vibe switches back and forth from urban to rural.

Chevelle’s Take out the Gunman came out in 2014, too. A good driving song.

Enchanted Forest

enchanted forest edgyHappy Merry to me.

Vagabond Prince’s Enchanted Forest is exactly that: dark balsam fir woods and tangles of black currant shrubs and wine and roses.

The first spray turns one into a wayward elf, dressed in flowers and drunk on berries. The acid bite of the fruit slowly softens with benzoin, sweet on the skin, and lofty on clothes for hours.

I feel like I’m the heroine in an epic fantasy novel saga wearing this stuff.

This is an enchanting take on a Ukrainian Midsummer folk song.