Mini Vince Camuto perfume with gold filigree topper, and pink box embossed with an orange flower and gold seal.

Another fruity floral that fits the high school dress code, in designer shoes.

A citrus hard candy and canned peaches opening, that soon gets roughed up by an amber school bus, and eventually maced with hairspray.

One for the gift exchange when you drew the mean girl’s name, and want to come off classy.


Another Bella:


fioriFiori is a Georgia afternoon wedding, with Bellinis and petit-fours on barn-board tables–a fancy outdoor picnic with lace gloves and rustic decor.

Peaches and jasmine on the top, sandalwood and cedar on the bottom.
The reception lasts only two hours, but it’s memorable.


Mini Vince Camuto with filigree cap, on box with pink flower with gold medallion in the center.

Ciao is a girly coming of age party with birthday cake and strawberry champagne and a bouquet of roses, but finishes with cheers and a beer at a pub.

Fun and sweet, but earthy at the end.

A good celebration song–