Dans la Nuit

Worth first put this out in 1924, but production stopped during WWII. My mini probably came out in the 1990’s.

Fresh cut sudsy-soap carnations with violet and iris powder, that slowly fade to a sweet sandalwood musk. Stays within waltzing distance and lasts the evening, but not “into the night.”

I was expecting something more daring.
Worth was baring shoulders and ankles in the 1920’s, and though Dans la Nuit has some cinnamon and vanilla and civet hidden in the florals, it seems too subtle for a fashion house that was setting trends of the time.


Fauré write his last composition–a pretty but to me, sad, string quartet–in 1924. Seems more in keeping with this scent than the exciting works of Ravel, Copeland and Gershwin or the jazz that was taking over Paris at the time.