Cape Heartache

cape heartache edge
Imaginary Authors discovery set, and paper tester cutout of a green “book” bottle.

Cape Heartache is not really a unisex travel book–it’s a gender-fluid memoir.

It opens as a young girl sucking on a pink candy necklace, but the elastic string grows into sweaty teen boy burning tires on the pavement.
Then the car takes a turn, cool mint and chic college girl with the top down, winding up alpine roads–
but the pine trees are cut down by a lumberjack with a gas-powered chain saw.
Then a sultry strawberry in a red dress and bare feet watches a campfire until late into the evening, when the coals are covered by a passing dark stranger.

It’s like a romance with shifting his-and-hers point-of-view, but I can’t stop sniffing my skin to see if there’s a sequel.

A fluid song.

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