Dragon’s Blood

spirtual sky dragons bloodSpiritual Sky oils are an iconic staple of head shops and non-profit food co-ops everywhere–Strawberry, Rose and China Rain are on the altar of every wicca-chick from the East Village to Haight Ashbury.
Cheap and artificial and easily scrubbable, they are the washable kid’s markers of perfumery.

Dragon’s Blood is a resinous dark musk with some wannabe myrrh, sweetened with benzoin. Great fun for a young changeling on a pagan exploration.

L’eau en Blanc

blancA pretty lover you grow out of quickly.

Baby pink powder puff of irises, maturing slightly to raspberries and flirty cherries, with an almost clashing note of L.L.’s signature green violets, just to make one stand up and take notice.

A long finish with hydrangea musk and artificial vanilla, and a touch of regret.

I liked it for a while.


velvetVelvet takes the roughest wool sweater and turns it into the smoothest silk.

Opens with almond, coconut and clove, but immediately blends into hot chocolate, with a faint whiff of patchouli rising with the steam.
Half an hour in, rose blooms with an intriguing hit of root beer. Eventually settles into vanilla and sweet woods, with a cool blue ambroxy undertone, and the most comfortable sillage ever.

So well named, and perfectly unisex. This stuff could turn alpha stock market bulls into teddy bears, and the sharpest battle-axes into kittens.


pearNot-quite-ripe-pears from a roadside stand, cut in crisp slices and served with drinks.

A squeeze of lemon, then the juniper takes over, that first big swallow of a gin and tonic on a summer day.
Musk settles into the empty rocks glass with an edge, like diesel fumes.

Not for me, but I would crawl inside the clothes of the man wearing this and let him take me anywhere.