Flower Market

Replica spray sample of pink eau on promo card featuring flower bouquets.

A florist in a hospital, maybe.
Anything with tuberose and peaches shouldn’t be this antiseptic.

Edit – 8/31/21

I keep going back to my favorites, just to make sure that they still smell how I remember, that I’m recovered from the C-19 anosmia–but I’ve found a few stinkers that I wrote off with some snark then forgot about, too.

This one is still sterile and generic, the rose and jasmine coming together in lemony disinfectant that kills everything organic and green, then quickly wilts to the skin.
I think it might do even worse in the summer, than when I initially tried it in January.

For the same price, a prettier bouquet and three times the performance all year round, go with Estée Lauder’s Private Collection.


This is as moody, but much prettier.

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