Amouage mini bottle in gold ombre rising to clear, balanced on three clementines.

Elemental flowers in a sacred orange grove.

A burst of citrus, juicy unfiltered pulp and zest everywhere, then huge jasmine and ylang-ylang grow, so heavy and heady that they’re animalic and grubby underneath–except there’s enough lily-of-the-valley green suds hidden inside that everything fluctuates between dirty and clean, indolics vs. aldehydes, flora to fauna.
Metallic amber and earthy sandalwood try to give some support, but they’re overtaken by the chaotic florals that rise to outer space and last all night long.

Brilliant, but too much for me–Ubar’s flowers would swallow me whole and spit out my bones like tangerine seeds.


An enormous song taken down to natural elements.

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