Fath de Fath

Tiny cut crystal bottle cupped by a flame edged yellow rose petal.

I got this one for the tuberose, but was bowled over by the heliotrope.

Nice boozy fruits out of the bottle, peach brandy and plums that stay well into the blooming tuberose and jasmine.
There’s some really good citrus-y rose–with black currant thorns that give a bit of sharpness–then *BAM* comes a huge dusty-sweet powder puff of heliotrope.
The amber on the bottom doesn’t hold it down. Vanilla-almond floral dust floats around like a cloud for hours, trailing sugary musk everywhere.

It’s good–especially the first few minutes on top–but all the notes I love are just obliterated by that powder.
Some of my favorites are heliotrope bombs, like Lolita Lempicka and L’Heure Bleue, but this one is too much for me.


These folks are a lot of fun–

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