Pale blue Angel mini bottle with blackberries.

Seductive blackberry patch and dark chocolate ‘chouli.

The icon of the past quarter-century, Angel defines gourmand, with a fashionable nod to environmental consciousness in its earthy caramel amber base and refillable bottles.

The candy fluff on top leaves an immediate impression, with the hit of every of flavor of fruit Life Savers, artificially sweet, batting-fake-lashes adorable.
The tart berries in the middle slowly drown in vanilla honey, but they die happy, and the patchouli cocoa at the end is heaven eternal.
As in forever.
The stuff is like embalming fluid, it lasts so long.

And memorable, too.
You’ll always recognize the trail she’s left behind–on the elevator an hour ago, in the bar restroom where he swore she wasn’t last night, on his shirt in the bottom of the laundry basket.
She’s no angel, even if she smells like it.


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