Angel Eau de Toilette

Angel EDT mini in the snow with rose sedum encased in ice.

A lovely crisp candied apple with a citrus zest, feminine and smart, but this is no shy cherub–she’s loud enough to make one a bit cross-eyed at close quarters.
Angel EDT is a cleaner version of the original, less syrup, less musk–the apple held in place with light pink florals at the top that slide into a wet minty patchouli and finish with sweet pale woods.

Lasts all day and sparkles in the cold, but tends to leave crumbs on my couch and wears my favorite hoodie without asking–my house is too small for the both of us.


The air is foggy today and the wind skates just on the edge of freezing, trailing icicles as she goes.


Pale blue Angel mini bottle with blackberries.

Seductive blackberry patch and dark chocolate ‘chouli.

The icon of the past quarter-century, Angel defines gourmand, with a fashionable nod to environmental consciousness in its earthy caramel amber base and refillable bottles.

The candy fluff on top leaves an immediate impression, with the hit of every of flavor of fruit Life Savers, artificially sweet, batting-fake-lashes adorable.
The tart berries in the middle slowly drown in vanilla honey, but they die happy, and the patchouli cocoa at the end is heaven eternal.
As in forever.
The stuff is like embalming fluid, it lasts so long.

And memorable, too.
You’ll always recognize the trail she’s left behind–on the elevator an hour ago, in the bar restroom where he swore she wasn’t last night, on his shirt in the bottom of the laundry basket.
She’s no angel, even if she smells like it.


Angel Nova

Mini rose-red and chrome Mugler Angel star shaped bottle with mini red Swedish fish candy.

How much do I love this?!

Starts out cool and syrupy, like raspberry sorbet, then slowly melts into gorgeous sugary rose–the kind they make Turkish delight from–with a woody base tempered with benzoin.

The rose and the woods are linear, but there’s a slow progression to the fruity notes. They start tart and crisp and fill-the-room gigantic, but they sweeten through the day, softening to arms’ length pink floral candy, and end in the evening with a marvelous berry flavored cola on the skin.

Definitely a shift from the iconic patchouli-chocolate-caramel of the past thirty years, but this New Angel and Eau Croisière is a refreshing direction, and I’m totally ready for it.


Here’s another Nova that I love–


Tuna fish cans wrapped in labels made of black, white and pink Womanity promo photos.

“I want to smell like tuna fish,” said no woman ever.

All power to those with the chemistry, confidence or Sponge-Bob Squarepants fetish that can pull off oceanic animalics this strong, but I’m not one of them.
Vague fruit and loud salt musk that projects a nautical mile and lasts a daylong clam dig.


A much nicer Fishes–(though do check out Radiohead’s original video, it’s amazing.)

Angel Eau Croisière

angel croiserie filterAirport duty-free testers are disgusting–those germs have survived tropics and tundras from all over the world–but this one was well worth the risk.

Angel “Cruise” opens loud and proud with delicious fresh mango that lasted the trudge to my gate and through fancy class pre-boarding–I was worried I would be THAT seatmate, who gives everyone in the row a headache with their perfume–but it settled nicely to a few inches off the wrist with pink grapefruit ice by the time I managed to cram my bag into the overhead compartment.
Somewhere over Iceland the sorbet gave way to Angel’s signature caramel patchouli, without the amber musk that I usually find cloying.
It was gone when we landed, and my connection too short to hit the shops for a bottle of my own.
Next trip, maybe.

Here’s some nice light jazz that’s actually wonderfully filthy.

Angel Eau Sucree

angel eau sucree edges
Angel samples in blue striped wrappers like candies.

Opens with a big proud blast of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry frozen concentrate, then melts down to a puff of meringue and saucy caramel.

Dregs of vanilla extract sit on the skin, rubbed dry with sweet patchouli dust.

A bit mischievous–Pippi Longstocking with fake eyelashes and a pink sling-shot.


Love this saucy tart song.

La Rose Angel

Mini star shaped flacon with jeweled neck and pink shooting star tall top, with rose eau. The Jardin d’Etoiles bottles are pure vanity jewelry.

La Rose Angel smells like you’ve been heating cotton candy over a can of Sterno in the back of a florist’s shop.
Sugar floss and hothouse blooms, but dank in the shadows.


Womanity Eau

womanity eau edgesThe bottle is gorgeous. I want it to hold all my secrets and mist me with strength and sex and knowledge.
It doesn’t.
Instead, I am sprayed with slush and rock-salt from a road plow, and pelted with rotting strawberries, and wow, does Thierry Mugler ever blow loud and long on that truck horn.
Whew. Not for me.

All the love for this woman–and I adore this salty song.

Eau de Star

eau de star
Triangle bottle with blue liquid, surrounded by a rainbow of hard candies.

Thierry Mugler’s Eau de Star bottles up that summer you spent with the bleach blonde stoner cutie who carved a bong out of a watermelon.

Fresh and wet and high and unforgettable.

It was my favorite candy perfume until the guy said, “That reminds me of what (our hot European neighbor) wears.”
She’s ten years younger than me and a flight attendant.

I love this live version of Madonna’s Candy Perfume Girl, bitchy and hard and still sweet.