Paper & Cotton

Silver capped bottle with label of vintage fashion illustration on brown tissue paper sewing pattern.

It does! New muslin and patterns!
Cue fitting deadline anxiety in 3…2…1…oh, fuck.

Edit – 2/22/23

I bought this ages ago in a fit of collector’s mania, and then put of trying it for years, because I was too close to the inspirational source material.
I’ve worked with vintage paper sewing patterns for ermty decades, and they have a very specific smell–and I was so afraid this wouldn’t hold up to the real thing.

Paper & Cotton lists Coriander, White Sage, Birch Wood, Tundra Moss, and manages to make a very good representation of the title.
Opens with aqvavit spiked with herbs, and laundry soap for ten minutes, then softens to sweet woods, and there it is–that delicate ecru cross between newsprint and the sheerest parchment stamped with ink, that almost smells like root beer–and hot ironing starch on plant fibers.

Dry but not powdery, long lasting, and even after 5 years years since my last show, still manages to bring on surges of dread and creativity.


Gorgeous song.
(I too have made a dress from a table cloth.)

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