Pooka sniffing my Rosabotanica mini. I like the stripes and floral mash-up design of this line.

Sour roses–the whole plant, in a pot with fresh dirt and peat moss–but soft at the opening, velvety petal smooth and alluring.

There’s a whole messy greenhouse vibe going on, horticulture herbalist smart-sexy, a bit disheveled with stained green thumbs. I’d love it on a guy, too–the mad biologist type in coveralls.

Drifts down to sheer woods on the skin in a few hours, a bit sharp at the end, the sawtooth edge of rose leaves giving it bite.

(And why is my cat so nosy about the Balenciaga botanicals?)


I love this Leonard Cohen cover by HAIM.


Nosy Siamese cat sniffing flowers, and a mini bottle with black and white striped cap.

Dank Couture.

This stuff is amazing.
Wildflowers and weed, haute stoner florals in a dope high fashion editorial.
Feminine sticky-icky amber close to the skin, underneath a haze of roses sweetened by mint.
Lasts all day, but you’ll want another hit at 4:20, because she’s so fun to roll with.



Fluted mini Balenciaga, on a quilted box.

This little vintage sparkly gem is a chypre plum that opens spicy, with sharp cardamom and warm cloves. Italian prunes and jasmine sweeten it up for a bit, but then amber and oakmoss turn it almost sour, like wine that’s been uncorked too long.

The lovely fruity floral notes linger longer on clothes than skin–this one might be better on scarves.


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