Revamped rectangular Chloé mini bottle in the center of a ginormous fuchsia rose.

This relaunch came out in 2008–a complete break from the original Lagerfeld tuberose potion— now a sheer tea rose.

New Chloé opens with sweet soapy peonies and a soft fruity hit of lychee. The rose blooms quickly, so squeaky shower clean it’s almost transparent, and lasts inside personal space until soaked off again in a hot bath.

Floral, feminine and pristine.
I’m way too messy to pull it off.


Here are some feminine roses and other flowers, from the album Petals for Armor.


Nomad edgy
Desert camo looking display at the airport duty-free shop.

Woody peach pits and Earl Gray tea.

Very unisex and young, in a steal-your-boyfriend’s-cologne kind of way. The top is bergamot tart and juicy sweet fruit, but gives way to the floral pretty quickly, then the oakmoss and patchouli take over for the rest of the day.

Fun, but classy.


The closest I’ve gotten to England was Heathrow.