Small green bottle with embossed gold leaf, and silver dipped leaf.

A marvelous cheapie that’s a splash of gin and lime bitters and Christmas fir trees. Sweetens to a light, long-lasting oak and lavender musk.

Many consider Aspen the green Cool Water, but I think it aged with the times better. Less freshman Chemistry 101 and more junior Natural Ecology.

Best during winter term.


The boy who wore this decided Norwegian Wood was our song. He hated country, so after this bird had flown, the version by Waylon Jennings became my favorite.

Lady Stetson

lady stetson edgy
Vintage mini with bourbon colored eau.

Sweet soapy sandalwood and senior English Lit class, prom carnations and packed bleacher musk.
I wore this at seventeen, with pleated stonewashed jeans and my grandfather’s Stetson Stratoliner à la Molly Ringwald.
Three decades later and it still holds up, an affordable and cheerful Chanel knock-off with riper peaches at the end.

Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc. came out the same year, in 1986, and we all swooned over the album cover. Here’s a great cover of my favorite Dwight Yoakam tune, that came out almost ten years later.