Indigo Yohji brand tag and matte black compact–that’s as heavy as cast iron–and applicator brush. The ivory powder has a faint glitter sheen, like eye-shadow.

This little powder solide came yesterday and I’m obsessed.
There’s something narcotic about it, in a sweet steamy fog way.

The dust goes on soft as silk, with creamy jasmine spices that rise from the skin as they warm. Then woody vanilla tracers float for several hours through a cloud of some the loveliest musk I’ve ever sniffed.
I can’t stop brushing it on.

The eau de parfum has a lot more green notes at the top–bergamot and cypress that I don’t miss at all–and here the freesia is more support for the nutmeg than a heart note.

But the musk is what makes this so special–delicate and clean, yet slightly opaque, like sugar frosting puffed into vapor, and impossible to stop tasting.
(I’m going to go through this stuff quick.)


We watched The Graduate last night, so this will be in my head all week.