Black bottle with a white painted dragonfly silhouette, sitting in a bowl of chocolate chips.

(TokyoMilk No. 83 lists Cake Flour, Dark Cacao Bean, Osmanthus and Bronzed Musk.)

Big cocoa powder and apricot spice, a little musk at the bottom, but ooh, is this one rather delicious, sexy and gourmand yet a little prissy–like tea-time in the viewing boxes at a Victorian orgy.

The opening seems derivative, Angel without the wet patchouli, then settles to Hershey’s Syrup on the skin in 30 lovely minutes, with creamy florals on linen for an hour.

I’ll go through this quickly.

Edit – 1/29/2023

Yeah, I drained that bottle in a month. Not available any longer, but sometimes one can be spotted for resale.

This is the one that made me take notice of TokyoMilk Dark–and it was discontinued even back then–I think I scored mine at TJMaxx for $20. (Now they go for $150 or more.)

I’ve been going through old notebooks, and finding my scribbled thoughts on scents. I wrote about this one exactly six years ago, right after an awkward paragraph about the smell of dried kiwi (which is neither sexy or delicious.)


A bittersweet song.

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