Aqua Allegoria Gentiana

Guerlain beehive mini bottle with blue flower printed box behind.

Huh. So that’s what gentians smell like.
Interesting. And odd!
Not as sweet and delicate as the Regency romances would have one believe–like did the author actually research this? Or did they just go looking for “blue flower that grows in England?”
This is NOT a flower a swooning Georgian debutante would tuck into her bodice, unless she was trying to seduce the groundskeeper. (Which might make an interesting story, actually.)

2/16/23 – Edit

Pulled this out when sniffing Lacoste Match Point yesterday, to compare the gentian. It’s such a weird tangled green garden scent, that touches on tomato leaf and clover honey, bell pepper and sage dust.

Gentiana, after the first grapefruit squeeze, goes fast into that chaotic herbal floral, with a touch of nectar to soften the bitterness, and bit of lavender-ish soap suds to wash off the garden soil.
Some sandalwood on the bottom keeps it from getting too discombobulated.

One of the nicer Aqua Allegorias.
(Pamplelune is bolder and better.)

Also, I just ordered gentian seeds.


More Blue –

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