By the Fireplace

Maison Margiela promo card touting “Burning wood and chestnut” and spray sample with amber l’eau.

Sweet roasted nuts. (TWSS.)
Nice. I’d burn the candle in November.

Edit – 8/30/21

Talking to a cosmetics savvy friend the other day about Replica–By the Fireplace is her favorite of the house.

I still have the same reaction to it, that it’s lovely, but I want the smoke and heat of a candle to cut through the sweetness. The spice is nice, and the cashmeran dries it out, but the chestnuts get swamped by the vanilla, and they’re the most interesting facet of the fragrance to me.

Lasts all day in socially distant space with long trailers.
On the caramel top of unisex.


Mushaboom by Feist is sweet and a bit nutty.

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