Almond Cookie

almond cookie edgesA blast of sweet powder out of the bottle, with a bit of white flower–what I imagine vanilla orchids smell like.
Then marzipan–the strong stuff that reminds you of cherry stones and the secret hole-in-the-wall bakery with the amazing almond danishes.
It morphs back to powder an hour later, with huge sillage that lasts forever.

The Cookies backed up Little Eva and Ray Charles, but had several hits of their own, including this one.


interludeThis one is a little bit genius.

First breath is sangria and smoke, a quick break between acts on the side door sidewalk of the theater, then sticky honey sweets to soothe the throat as the lights flicker–Places, please!–and meanders back to leather and walnut-wood seats and gaslight.

Stays close, and lasts on the skin with benzoin and incense for ages.

This is one of my favorite interludes-

Art Color Love

art color love edgyLighthearted and young.
This girl wears bright sundresses and statement shoes and laughs at everything.

A joyful projection of watermelon taffy with a toasted coconut accord close to the skin.

There’s a champagne feel, too–a sparkle in the gourmand sweetness–that’s quite charming, like an innocent twist on Mugler’s Eau de Star.

This song makes me happy.


benevolence edgyA hard liquor splash of orange flower water spiked with amaretto, made clever with oriental spice, then a dump of vanilla sugar heavy enough to hurt the head.

This smells like that sassy chef at the corner bakery who drinks on the job and sets aside cupcakes for the cops who give her a ride home.

(This is what happens when you watch that Baking Show while testing House of Sillage.)

This is a good tune for mixing batter–debuted in 2012, same as Benevolence.


velvet edgyVelvet takes the roughest wool sweater and turns it into the smoothest silk.

Opens with almond, coconut and clove, but immediately blends into hot chocolate, with a faint whiff of patchouli rising with the steam.
Half an hour in, rose blooms with an intriguing hit of root beer. Eventually settles into vanilla and sweet woods, with a cool blue ambroxy undertone, and the most comfortable sillage ever.

So well named, and perfectly unisex. This stuff could turn alpha stock market bulls into teddy bears, and the sharpest battle-axes into kittens.

Girl of Now

girl of now edgyWith emphasis on girl.
One to wear with pigtails and a mini-skirt.

Opens with a juicy slice of pear, and soft citrus, and as it warms, a lovely pistachio.
Orange flower water pushes through, then almond marzipan.
In half an hour it developed to syrupy tonka bean and heavy artificial amber, a foot off the wrist, and made my ears ring and my teeth hurt with how sweet it is.

The guy said it smelled like a very young girl’s perfume and made him feel a bit creepy.