Jimmy Choo Fever

Magenta box and bottle with gold accents, and a candy thermometer. (Please do not use cooking tools to take your temperature.)

Not bad.
The peelie gives me vanilla plums and creamy coffee, with some purple flowers tucked in there.

I’d look for a bottle, but I’ve still got half a Midnight Fantasy left, a few samples of Moonlight, minis of Black Tulip and Belle de Nuit to finish and a fresh J’adore, and maybe I’m a bit tired of the steady diet of prunes, y’know?

Edit — 3/4/21

Wound up with a (very pretty) mini bottle. The peelie was a reasonable match to the juice in person, though the real thing has less of the cafe-au-lait that I liked.
Very purple, very plummy, and very vanilla. Dries down to tonka woods on the skin in four hours or so.
Way too young for me.

Here’s another Fever, without plums.

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