Urban Hero

Mini flask of pale green eau on a brown leather jacket.

Leather with nice manners.

Peppery sweet limes ease into smooth wood, wrapped in a bomber jacket with a satin ambergris lining.

Not pushy, but not a pushover, either. The spicy citrus stays light and refreshing in personal space, but the animalics laying just above the skin have some weight.

I’d chat him up if he sat next to me on the subway–


Jimmy Choo

Delicious Bosc pear and and mini brown glass bottle shaped like a pineapple (or a grenade?) with a silver cube lid.

Cruise ship pears, in a tacky self-indulgent way, and rather enjoyable, until the hangover hits.

Starts out with swanky fruit salad garnished with flowers, eventually takes a dip in an overly chlorinated pool, then smokes a Caramelo Joe cigar off the upper sun deck.

The headache slowly creeps in after the first hour, insidious, like the low grind of the boat motor that you try not to notice. Eventually you can’t ignore that you might be seasick, with regrets that you jumped too fast at the good price.


How does Florence manage to make falling apart so pretty?


Mini cut crystal bottle with pale ecru eau, and a silver teaspoon of golden honey.

I get sheer honey at first sniff, with a tobacco and pink pepper dissonance that is probably the ginger fighting with the citrus. They duke it out, but the jasmine swoops in and wins, creamy florals thickening the honey and lifting it two feet off the wrist for half the day.
There’s a shard of woody amber close to the skin, that cuts through the syrup and keeps it from being too cloying.

Nice, but over-refined. I’m aware of the chemicals, and honey should be raw, y’know?
TokyoMilk Honey & the Moon is wilder, with twice the sillage and longevity, in the same price range.


This is a much sweeter, dirtier, synth honey.

Illicit Flower

Mini Illicit Flower–a cut glass barrel bottle with a modern ice castle vibe–and mandarin oranges.

I’d call this one Illicit Citrus, but it’s actually quite safe and polite.

Starts with orange juice and orange blossomy rose that stays inside personal space for an hour, then eases to sheer jasmine musk with some sweet woods until noon.

Pleasant, but very little allure. A good one for a gift exchange–the bottle is lovely.


This song is so pretty and strange–and weirdly apropos. We enjoy sweet scents meant to inspire hunger, yet so much of fashion is biased to the dangerously thin.

Jimmy Choo Floral

Pale green cut glass egg shaped bottle with square silver cap.

Watery peach tea and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in the spring.

Great for a high school girl with a big allowance. When she goes to college, she’ll graduate to Lancome Tresor.


I love everything Tones and I does with their voice–this stripped down cover is haunting.

Jimmy Choo Fever

Magenta box and bottle with gold accents, and a candy thermometer. (Please do not use cooking tools to take your temperature.)

Not bad.
The peelie gives me vanilla plums and creamy coffee, with some purple flowers tucked in there.

I’d look for a bottle, but I’ve still got half a Midnight Fantasy left, a few samples of Moonlight, minis of Black Tulip and Belle de Nuit to finish and a fresh J’adore, and maybe I’m a bit tired of the steady diet of prunes, y’know?

Edit — 3/4/21

Wound up with a (very pretty) mini bottle. The peelie was a reasonable match to the juice in person, though the real thing has less of the cafe-au-lait that I liked.
Very purple, very plummy, and very vanilla. Dries down to tonka woods on the skin in four hours or so.
Way too young for me.

Here’s another Fever, without plums.

Jimmy Choo L’eau

Ballet pink cut glass Jimmy Choo mini bottle in prism light, casting sunburst shadows.

Red Zinger herbal tea–

Sparkly hibiscus and rosy fruit with an earthy finish–a great summer splash for a young woman.
(Or an older one who is nostalgic for 1970’s jello salad, quiche and carrot cake.) (Me.)

A raspy Clash cover of another Jimmy.

Jimmy Choo Man

Gray rectangular mini bottle with silver cap on a motorcycle jacket and lavender sprigs.

Rather nice fruit-chuli, in a motorcycle pants and pineapple LifeSaver way.
The lavender lingers, but doesn’t turn to soap.

I have to wonder at that leather note, though. There’s a shoe salesman vibe that makes me conscious of my fallen arches and scuffed toes.

This one is a bit fruity and edgy at the same time. Also came out in 2014.