Be Delicious NYC

Mini DKNY chrome apple filled with green juice, next to an Empire apple and an orange and green button flower.

Another from yet another flanker gift set–DKNY has put out at least six dozen different Be Delicious apples in the past two decades–this one seems to be a light version of the original.

The guy says it smells like watermelon. He isn’t far off; the top is cucumber with some citrus and white flowers.

I get the apple-for-the-teacher and lily-of-the-valley of the 2004 version, but they feel lighter, letting the violet powder and dusty rose come through. The same classroom ruler woods on the bottom, but this time she lets the class out early.


This song would get you a detention–lyric and moving and pretty, but with grit and a few jarring MFer’s because, well, –waddayawant?! Dis is New York!

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